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Patricia is a 40-year-old owner of a small but valuable collection of paintings. She says “I feel like makes things easy for me in a way that insurance companies don’t necessarily offer,” She’s been with / Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. for eight years and worked with two different individuals from the firm over that time, and she’s quite happy with the outcome. “They’re amazing,” she said. “They always help me whenever I have issues.”

Theoretically, she fits the industry model of a savvy customer that shouldn’t care for the ‘old’ model of buying insurance through an agent or broker. “There are all these vagaries and insurance jargon that I don’t need to have in my head because I have actual humans that are familiar with the industry and familiar with what my needs are as a collector”.

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Many people are not getting the right art insurance, because they’re just clicking on a product and buying it without understanding what they’re getting. Art insurance can be a complex product and it can cover many things – transit, exhibitions, art auctions, etc. it is all types of things. Because of this, horror stories emerge from people who thought they had the right coverage but then ended up stuck because they didn’t understand the fine print.

No one wants to lose a piece of art but it happens, more often than we’d like to see so the best way to protect your art is with due diligence and a Fine-Art policy from / Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. We can guide you in obtaining the right fine art insurance for your unique requirements at great rates. For more info visit and live chat with us, call us at 800.921.1008 or apply for a free quote below.

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