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We are your trusted choice broker. We work with "A" rated Insurance Companies to ensure art collectors, galleries, museums, dealers, artists, and auctioneers that their works are properly taken care of.

If you create, own, sell, buy, loan, display or preserve works of art on a private or professional basis, we have comprehensive coverage’s with great pricing. Each program provides cost-effective protection, tailored to meet your individual requirements. Art Insurance Now policies are tailored to cover works of art while on or off premises, in transit, storage, in an exhibition, in a Museum, Auction house, and worldwide.

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Fine Art Insurance

Every masterpiece is a cultural heritage carrying through centuries the thoughts and feelings of the greatest artists. Their highly valued works inspire us addressing the sense of beauty. Around the globe art galleries, museums and private collectors hunt for the pieces willing to pay astonishing amounts of money.

In a case of damage or theft, the loss is irreversible. Not only the artwork is irreplaceable itself but also even the reputation of the organization suffers from a mere fact that such situation has occurred. In result, despite the lost money, the museum or another institution loses partners, which in turn has an adverse impact on its business. Without having a comprehensive fine art collectors insurance for art gallery (for example) from a trustworthy art insurance broker, the masterpieces are subjected to a number of risks:

  • Fraud
  • Heist
  • Natural disaster
  • Inadequate handling etc.

Transportation issues are worth to mention as well. The risks may occur not only in a premise but also literally on the road. While the building can be fireproofed and equipped with the latest surveillance system in order to minimize the probability of theft and fire outbreak, a vehicle cannot provide sufficient security. In fact, even the driver is not the only one responsible for the road situation, which may lead to an accident or crash

In the worst case. As a result, the invaluable piece of cultural heritage can be lost forever.

With the help of a comprehensive fine art insurance, the artwork or the entire collection is covered from the potential damage. Nevertheless, the question arises: What is the point of museum insurance if the presented items are not replaceable? While the loss of the artwork cannot be recovered, the institution with the help of art insurance broker will reimburse enough money to perform following actions:

  • Order restoration services for the piece;
  • Pay ransom in case of the theft;
  • Replenish the collection by purchasing another work;
  • Enhance security system to ensure that the situation will not occur in the future.


As an art insurance broker, we possess the in-depth knowledge of business ways in the field. Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals, who work hard to ensure that all losses are reversible. The vast experience allows us to tailor our service to the needs of our clients.

We have developed a set of packages featuring products offered by renowned companies. The resulting coverage is more than sufficient to match requests for all types of entities in the business including:

  • Exhibition insurance;
  • Packages for artists;
  • Museum insurance;
  • Offers for auctioneers;
  • Insurance for art gallery & dealer;
  • Special deals for conservators.

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Get your peace of mind with a fine art insurance from the credible art insurance broker. Prevent potential losses; do not let them drive you out of the business! Contact us right now to get detailed information about our packages.

Coverage Highlights

Insuring Art is more than just protecting against damage or theft. Our policies provide seamless and flexible coverage for other exposures as well.


  • Commercial property
  • Business interruption
  • Property floaters
  • Property of a fine art nature, including paintings, pictures, etchings,tapestries, rugs, art glass windows, antique furniture, books, memorabilia, and coin & stamp collections
  • Other bona fide works of rarity, historical value or artistic merit, include jewelry, wine, & musical instruments


  • Clients may require extra or specific protection. Our policies can be enhanced in many ways to include:
  • Fine art reference libraries
  • Furniture or fixtures of a fine arts nature
  • Waivers of subrogation
  • Earthquakes, floods, & windstorms
  • Fine arts legal liability
  • Blanket or schedule option
  • Commercial general liability: limits up to $1 million per occurrence/$2
  • Employment practices liability


  • Commercial auto
  • Hired, non-owned, & auto
  • Special Events
  • Crime/Dishonest employees
  • Umbrella: Limits up to $5 million
    (higher limits available)


  • Even our most basic coverage provides solid protection. It features:
  • Broad, all-risks coverage from the time artwork is taken by you or your client, from the owner, to the time it is returned, on a worldwide basis
  • Blanket limits on property in your care, custody, & control at scheduled locations and any other unnamed location
  • Domestic & international transits
  • No coinsurance clause
  • Valuation clauses designed for the
    art industry
  • Coverage for jointly-owned works of art
  • Special clauses for "loss buy back" or "pairs & sets"
  • Relaxed appraisal requirements




  • Require insurance to cover works on consignments, owned or borrowed, while the works are in the gallery, in transit to exhibitions or storage, as well as, specially designed policies which are flexible and a cost-effective coverage solution to fit your business.
  • Blanket coverage
  • Art in transit worldwide
  • Art fair/trade shows coverage
  • Bailee legal liability
  • Art reference library
  • Inventory, loaned items & objects
    on consignment
  • Packing crates, catalogues, and brochures
  • Transit by Land, Air or Boat
  • Art in storage, multi locations
  • Off premises Exhibitions
  • Over the years, have you amassed a collection of art, manuscripts, and documents with a significant value?
    An art collectors insurance requires specialized coverage, since the majority of homeowners or corporate business policies offer limited protection.
    Our clients can rest easy knowing
    they have coverage provided by collectors insurance focused on the requirements of an individual collection.
    Policy covers collections while:
  • On premises
  • On loan
  • In transit to & from auction house, storage facilities, Galleries, framers and restorers
  • Wall to wall coverage
  • In collaboration with our fine art insurance, we offer expanded coverage of up to $250,000 in jewelry and watches.
    Specific items eligible for coverage include antique and designer jewelry: pearls, bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings and watches comprised of silver, gold, platinum and/or other precious metals or alloys. Watches include vintage, collectible and everyday time pieces worn on the wrist, as a necklace or in a pocket.
  • Mysterious disappearance is an included risk
  • Coverage travels with the policyholder worldwide.
  • No appraisal for pieces valued less than $50,000
  • Whether a museum is a private or a public organization, companies provide all-risk coverage for the collection and changing exhibitions. This coverage includes protection for temporary and long-term loans, both to and from the museum.
  • Art librarys & records
  • Display cases & packing crates
  • Goods in transit to an appraiser for galleries that do not have collections and require insurance to cover only their exhibition program.
  • We offer a flexible, cost-effective coverage solution.
  • For the one-off or traveling exhibitions, we provide wall-to-wall coverage for items on display and in transit, this way your lenders can have the peace of mind that they are insured.
    Coverage can include:
  • Packing crates, catalogues, & brochures
  • Items covered in transit
  • Art in storage between transits
  • Worldwide, private & public venues
  • Touring Shows
  • $5,000 up to $100,000,000
  • Individual artists, require special coverage to protect their works in the studio, at exhibitions, while in transit, and storage. Genres include; painting, sculpture, architecture, printmaking, digital graphics, ceramics, collage, and photography.
  • Specific works or an entire collection
  • Completed works & works in progress
  • Equipment, including paints, tools, & materials
  • Your Art in the studio, at home, on loan, in exhibition, or at the framers
  • The main movement of Art and Collectables are going to/from the Auction houses. Most of the time, individuals will send the auction
    house information about the work.
    If accepted, the insuring of the transit falls to the collector, who then has
    to get the work to the Auction house.
  • While in transit, air, water & land
  • To Galleries, Auction house, Storage, & other locations
  • In Warehouse or Storage facilities
  • Domestic & International Transport
  • All sending's must be suitably packed for transit
  • Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, local & long distance trucking
  • Multiple Locations
  • Low deductibles
  • Special programs for freight forwards
  • Our policies have diverse coverages
    to meet the specific requirements
    of conservators. We help clients
    select adequate coverage for items in
    their care, custody, and control for restoration or conservation. To help mitigate potential exposures, we provide recommended loss control procedures. Insurance covers art while:
  • In transit
  • On premises
  • At a work site
  • Art Works can be tailored to your particular requirements. We can arrange coverage for your:
  • Consignments
  • Estate sales
  • Goods in transit
  • Owned inventory
  • Breakage, Theft, Fire
  • Temporary Storage
  • Proven valuation methods
  • No coinsurance clause
  • Fine art reference libraries
  • Special clauses for "loss buy back”
    or "pairs & sets"
  • Blanket limits on property in your
    care, custody, & control at scheduled locations and any other unnamed location

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