Peter Hionas
5 days ago yes
Ben Frishman
7 days ago Easy
Lawrence McElroy
2 weeks ago Yep
Pamela Parker
3 weeks ago Not really easy - not sure what coverage we want or need. Would like to speak with a broker before deciding.
John Philpotts
a month ago Looking forward to a long business relationship.
Claudia Diltz
2 months ago Captcha was not accurate, and that was annoying.
Mallory and John O'Connor
2 months ago We've been very impressed with the level of professionalism and personal attention that we've received from Art Insurance Now. Thanks for your advice and assistance!
3 months ago Love the flow of the questions, so much easier than the other brokers.
Rebeka Hambartsumyan
3 months ago Yes Very Easy
Marian M. Bartholomay
3 months ago Yes
Emanuelle Schaer
4 months ago So far, fabulous. Looking forward to more great service.
Sergei Ilyashenko
4 months ago Yes, it was.
Donald Charles Schwartz
4 months ago Yes, very easy to apply
4 months ago YES
Brenda Campbell
5 months ago Yes
Grant Affleck
5 months ago submitting the application was easy. Seems like a great company. It was recommended by Proper Insurance, a coverholder for Lloyd's of London.
Shari Rubeck
5 months ago Yes, Thank you. SR
kevin rockey
5 months ago yes it was and William was super helpful kevin
Jack Richeson
5 months ago yes 5 stars
Syra Gomez
5 months ago Great website, everything very clear, and easy to understand. the process was smooth. thank you
Edward Abankwa
6 months ago simple and easy, I just clicked and submit
Donald G Burdick
6 months ago Yes
Ginger Kuzo obo Jobie Sohadhi
6 months ago yes, very, and William was very helpful and pleasant.
Kathy Rothberg from ICS AGENCY INC
6 months ago Yes. Once we obtained all the information the application was easy.
Daniel Turriani
7 months ago The form took me less than 5 minutes to complete!
Daniel Turriani
7 months ago yes very smooth
Jonathan Xa
9 months ago You made my life so easy, while saving me money and time! What? Amazing 1.2.3.