4 weeks ago nice to get this....
susan e schnapp
a month ago yes
2 months ago I completed the Application for my Client whom I did the Premises Liability. The Process was easy for the information I had knowledge to input.
Moe Daniels
2 months ago Yes it was.
Ed Young
2 months ago Yes it was very easy
Ayaz Mahmud
3 months ago Yes
Debbie Dickinson
3 months ago Yes
Mary Barrow
4 months ago Thank you
Rabbi Lisa Goldstein
4 months ago Yes it was. Jimmy Toubin Toubin Insurance Agency
Kenneth Paige
4 months ago yes
Kenneth Paige
4 months ago YES
Chloe Woodard
4 months ago smooth and simple,
Lennie Rose
5 months ago It was quick and easy.
peter estelle
5 months ago bascially
Gregory Shanck
5 months ago Absolutely easy!
Camille Levi
5 months ago for what I knew
Charles Martinez
6 months ago Application process was easy.
Verna Pitts
6 months ago Yes
Richard Daggenhurst
6 months ago yes
Robert west
6 months ago Yes
Douglas Jardine, PhD
6 months ago Yes, it was easy
Alice Agoos
7 months ago yes
Michael Hayden
7 months ago It was pretty easy
Kate Orne
7 months ago Very!
Mary Ann Mattiello
7 months ago Yes
Amy Loeserman
7 months ago Compared to what?
Laurie Lisle
8 months ago Could not answer every question. Need to talk.
Jorge Mendez
8 months ago Very easy!
8 months ago YES
John Morrill
8 months ago YEs, very quick
matthew beehler
9 months ago yes
Stephen Weingrad
9 months ago yes
Judith Epstein
9 months ago Not sure if my documents uploaded.
Randle M Frankel
9 months ago YES Thank you Randy Frankel 310-628-5495
Patricia Watts
10 months ago Yes
Thomas Zarrilli
10 months ago a little confusing.
Jose Astigarraga
12 months ago Very easy
David Reichard
12 months ago yes
Lily Zhou
12 months ago a bit complicated
Armen Vahanyan
12 months ago yes
Constantin Parvulescu
one year ago I would have liked a "n/a" value for many if not most of the questions
Leonard A. Kisko
one year ago For a first time Collector Insurer the phone conversation and follow up have been very well handled so far. I feel like I am in good hands.....now if my computers skills were just as good we will be ready.
Ross Hallan
one year ago Yes
Gus Sachetti
one year ago yes
Michael Travis
one year ago Yes!
Christine Mullally
one year ago Yes
one year ago great
Kathy Rothberg
one year ago The application was easy to process.
harry jones
one year ago Yes
Don Soker
one year ago Yes
one year ago Application process was easy.
Aldeide Delgado
one year ago yes
Julia Weist
one year ago Yes
Chuck Nelson
one year ago yes
Samuel A Ruth
one year ago yes
Cha Smith
one year ago yes. thank you.
John H Selby
one year ago yes
Elina Yakubova
2 years ago yes
Jan Bohn
2 years ago Very.
Robert Manness
2 years ago very much so!!!
Karla Orozco
2 years ago The chat was very useful.
Charles E. Pitzele
2 years ago Yes, quite easy
Paul Nolte
2 years ago The process was easy
Shanell D Powell
2 years ago Was pretty straight forward process
Donald J Loff
2 years ago yes
Vicki L Berg
2 years ago yes
Michael Spalter
2 years ago Great
Carlos Hart
2 years ago Finally someone that understood exactly what I was looking for. What took others hours to eventually get to a NO, Art Insurance Now completed in 5 minutes.
2 years ago yes
John Philip "Flip" Bowry III
2 years ago Yes, but I forgot to mention that Time is of the Essence. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks.
Karen L McKinney
2 years ago There were several questions that could have used N/A for me, rather than yes or no.
Michael J. Macaluso, Esq.
2 years ago Yes!
Norman Lesh
2 years ago Yes, easy application.
Jesus Fondevila
2 years ago yES
Norman Lunde
2 years ago Yes
Viktorya Karapetyan
2 years ago yes
Harvey Verhaegen
2 years ago Very easy process.
Kenneth Bohannon
2 years ago yes the application was easy
Ricardo Rolim
2 years ago yes
Donna Benavides
2 years ago Extremely
Rigoberto Chaviano
2 years ago Yes it was
Becky Simmons
2 years ago 4 star
Elizabeth Sutton
2 years ago Nice
Donald M Teer
2 years ago yes
2 years ago yes.
Andrew D. Rallis
2 years ago very easy
John F Bailey
2 years ago Not for me, an aging collector who has never shipped art before. I found the form confusing. No address where it is going, I wonder why
Ruby Tebelak
2 years ago Yes, very user-friendly.
Kevin M Rydzik
2 years ago Yes
Katharine Armstrong
2 years ago Yes!
Ed Nunez
2 years ago yes process easy
Christopher Montgomery
2 years ago Easy application
Emily McEwan-Upright
2 years ago I tried to do this three times on my phone and the security timed out and I lost everything I had put in since I had to refresh to get the security part to work.
Elisa Pulido
2 years ago Yes, fairly simple.
Chris Sicat
2 years ago yes
Theo Coulombe
2 years ago Your response time is excellent. I feel loved!
Robert Lawrence
2 years ago no
DC Smith
2 years ago yes
Robert L Bryant
2 years ago yes
Bruce r Green
2 years ago not to hard to use
Rose Dominguez
2 years ago yes
Steven C Baker
2 years ago Processing confusing since a lot of questions did not apply to me. Also, since there were not directions filling out the form it was not clear if I had to answer every question.
James Fischbach
2 years ago Easy application process. May benefit by speaking with a representative so I will place a call next regular business day.
vanessa faukner
2 years ago yes
Justina Gomez Romero
3 years ago yes
Chris Tomaszewski
3 years ago yes loved it
Marcella C. Lehr
3 years ago Yes
3 years ago NO
Tarek Al-Hariri
3 years ago yes! clear and to the point.
Denise Scales
3 years ago yes
Andrew Norris
3 years ago yes
Warren&Linda DrGoler
3 years ago yes
Bill Ninivaggi
3 years ago Yes
Lowell Herzog
3 years ago Yes.
3 years ago YES
Kirk Nelson
3 years ago Very easy
Mr. Aubrey Burgess
3 years ago The process is really easy!
Julia Muench
3 years ago Somewhat.
Andrew Nicolls
3 years ago yes
Andrew Nicolls
3 years ago yes
Andre Quirt
3 years ago Yes, although I am applicationaly challenged
Alexandra Castillo
3 years ago very smooth process
Sandra Brown/representative for Annie Huneke
3 years ago I need help and explanation Please have Mary call me before 12N Thank you. Sandra Brown 919. 264.0348
Carolyn Leinneweber
3 years ago Extremely easy application process. Concise but thorough.
Mark Schultz
3 years ago Yes it was
Ken Light
3 years ago Yes
Christopher Benson
3 years ago Yes
Jason Willaford
3 years ago Yes
Rhonda Selmon
3 years ago Yes.
Ellen Jakubowitz
3 years ago yes
Mark S. Grunberg
3 years ago Yes, the process was easy. But the limited choices for home construction needs to be expanded a bit to include mobile homes.
Kroman Gallery
3 years ago lots of questions im an insurance agent in ft laud florida
Robert Murphh
3 years ago Yes
Robert MacLennan
3 years ago The application was easy.
Tony Merlo
3 years ago Yes
Alyssa Jayne Vigmostad
3 years ago yes very easy to fill out
Jaynee Weinstein
3 years ago No
George P Turner
3 years ago yes
Jim Robischon
3 years ago yes
Anna De La Hoya
3 years ago yes
Anna De La Hoya
3 years ago yes sir
Mary Kaye Washburn
3 years ago I would have preferred to speak to someone first. I had a few general questions, but was told to complete the application first.
Martha Lewis
3 years ago Had difficulty doing on line appication
Debaney Lefort
3 years ago Pretty easy
C. McKenzie
3 years ago Yes the site was easy, however information on potential rates would also be helpful for first time users. thanks
Richard Mintzer
3 years ago simple to apply
Jeff Weeks
3 years ago yes
Dorinda Darrow
4 years ago Yes, thank you!
Abla Creasey
4 years ago Yes!
Jeremy J Gordon/Susan S. Gordon
4 years ago Pretty easy. Some questions were unclear.
Hae Jung Lee
4 years ago Yes
Irving Cohn
4 years ago yes
Sook Nyu Lee Kim
4 years ago No
Roger Feldman
4 years ago Many areas did not apply to what I am needing insurance for. This is a public sculpture for an outdoor site and your questions pertained to an interior space.
Victor D Llaguno
4 years ago yes!
eliot prawda
4 years ago yes
Steven Klindt
4 years ago No
Ronald Ventura
4 years ago Yes
Gary Mazziotti
4 years ago Great job - very user friendly
Laura Rafaty
4 years ago It didn't kick me out this time!!! :-)
Laura Rafaty
4 years ago I had to enter the app 4x because I kept getting kicked out! :-(
June Elizabeth Blackstock
4 years ago Yes
Bettina Luboff
4 years ago No. Would not allow me to put UK address in and did not clearly indicate that the application did not go through.
Gary Gaffney
4 years ago yes.
Gabrielle Longhi
4 years ago yes
Debbie Dickinson
4 years ago Yes
Brian Kogan
4 years ago yes
gus kopriva
4 years ago IT WORKED.
Greg Owen
4 years ago Spoke with William, great guidance, he really knows our business. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Laurie Goux
4 years ago yes
Kerry Hart
4 years ago yes
Katja von Tiesenhausen
4 years ago yes
Maria Giappone
4 years ago Yes
Bruce Hochman
4 years ago William Fleischer was very helpful. He answered all my coverage questions. It's a pleasure to work with him.
Regina Sanford
4 years ago I expected a quote right away after all of the info that I put in.
Bradley (Brad) Snizik
4 years ago Yes
Edith Shiro / Orly Kadosh
4 years ago yes thank you
Pat Luboff
4 years ago Not sure how to fill in some of the blanks....
Tom Candy
4 years ago yes
Gigi Salomon
4 years ago 5
Kelsie Garretson
4 years ago Great!
Mark S. Kramarik
4 years ago yes
J.D. Midwikis or Marilyn Hargrove
4 years ago OK
J.D. Midwikis or Marilyn Hargrove
4 years ago was OK
4 years ago YES
Christine T Lindstrom
4 years ago Yes, it was very easy.
Paulina Fuster
4 years ago yes
Paulina Fuster
4 years ago Yes
Curatorial Assistance Traveling Exhibitions
4 years ago Yes
Jerry E Smith
4 years ago yes
Peter Hionas
4 years ago yes
Ben Frishman
4 years ago Easy
Lawrence McElroy
4 years ago Yep
John Philpotts
4 years ago Looking forward to a long business relationship.
Mallory and John O'Connor
5 years ago We've been very impressed with the level of professionalism and personal attention that we've received from Art Insurance Now. Thanks for your advice and assistance!
5 years ago Love the flow of the questions, so much easier than the other brokers.
Rebeka Hambartsumyan
5 years ago Yes Very Easy
Marian M. Bartholomay
5 years ago Yes
Emanuelle Schaer
5 years ago So far, fabulous. Looking forward to more great service.
Sergei Ilyashenko
5 years ago Yes, it was.
Donald Charles Schwartz
5 years ago Yes, very easy to apply
5 years ago YES
Brenda Campbell
5 years ago Yes
Grant Affleck
5 years ago submitting the application was easy. Seems like a great company. It was recommended by Proper Insurance, a coverholder for Lloyd's of London.
Shari Rubeck
5 years ago Yes, Thank you. SR
kevin rockey
5 years ago yes it was and William was super helpful kevin
Jack Richeson
5 years ago yes 5 stars
Syra Gomez
5 years ago Great website, everything very clear, and easy to understand. the process was smooth. thank you
Edward Abankwa
5 years ago simple and easy, I just clicked and submit
Donald G Burdick
5 years ago Yes
Ginger Kuzo obo Jobie Sohadhi
5 years ago yes, very, and William was very helpful and pleasant.
Kathy Rothberg from ICS AGENCY INC
5 years ago Yes. Once we obtained all the information the application was easy.
Daniel Turriani
5 years ago The form took me less than 5 minutes to complete!
Daniel Turriani
5 years ago yes very smooth
Jonathan Xa
5 years ago You made my life so easy, while saving me money and time! What? Amazing 1.2.3.