Flexible Art Dealer Insurance

As a business owner whose livelihood depends on the safe storage and transportation of art and antiques, it is important that your operation is covered by a comprehensive insurance plan because you never know when fire or some other mishap might damage or destroy your inventory. However, in most cases property insurance is not enough. The agents of these companies do not understand the true value and worth of your property, which is why you need coverage from art gallery insurance companies that know the art and antique business through and through.

Art Gallery Insurance Packages That Make Sense

Art dealers often receive or put items on consignment to sell them. When you loan the work to others, while acting as or trusting a bailee might be under a contractual obligation to safeguard your pieces, you have no control over what happens to them once they are out of your hands. In most instances, nothing will happen, but you should understand that unfortunate things can occur, especially when your paintings or sculptures are in transit from the warehouse to the gallery. That is why you must have gallery insurance to ensure that you will be compensated for property damage or loss.

Antique Dealer Insurance That Gives You Confidence

Like art dealers, antique dealers also require insurance coverage for their inventory, especially those running brick-and-mortar operations. There is always a risk your shop could burn down, or a burglar could break into your storage facility and steal the most valuable item you have. Of course, you may take precautions against such an occurrence, but as a prudent entrepreneur, you should be prepared for the worst. Thankfully there are affordable and flexible options for those who want to safeguard their treasures. Here at ArtInsuranceNow.com , we provide our clients with access to top-rated insurance companies that cover the following:

  • Items in transit by sea, air, or land;
  • Displays at art fairs and trade shows;
  • Art and antiques in storage;
  • Reference libraries, catalogs, and brochures;
  • Bailee legal liability.

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