Reliable museum insurance - protect your building and exhibition

Ancient rugs, books, jewelry, stamps, and vases may have survived centuries to end up in your collection, but it doesn’t mean they are imperishable. Every museum owner knows that preserving antique showpieces is all about creating the proper environment for them. But even if you manage to save historical artifacts from sunlight and humidity, there are other dangers they are subjected to such as theft, vandalism, fire, or flood on your premises. A lot of accidents happen during shipping. And you will be surprised to find out how little are transfer companies accounted for.

Losing a part of your collection is especially problematic when it was a traveling exhibition that you were temporarily housing. In this case, another museum or a private collector will hold you responsible for the loss or charge you for restoring the damaged showpiece. All of this can not only hurt your financial state but also damage your reputation, and that is much harder to restore than a hole in the budget. This is why you need insurance for museum collections with great coverage. is a brokerage that can give you access to a variety of insurance companies who cover art exhibitions. A simple Museum policy won’t do! What you need is a complex set of policies tailored to fit your specific needs.

What does museum insurance cover?

It doesn’t matter if your museum is a public or a private organization. Our carriers provide all-risk coverage for house collections as well as changing exhibitions, short and long-term loans, and every showpiece that is shipped to and from the museum. Everything that is located on your property or goes in and out of its doors is covered by the policy. This includes:

  • Art libraries and records
  • Display cases
  • Packing crates
  • Items that travel to an appraiser makes finding great insurance for museums easy. Our carriers offer flexible and cost-effective coverage solutions customized to meet all your need and requirements.

Our brokers will handpick policy options for you, explain all the details, and walk you through the evaluation process. Our aim is to make sure that your business is protected and all risks are covered. To get insurance for museum collections, click here to fill in an online application or contact us at any time.