Why use Fine-Art Movers?

Relocation is a complicated process that is emotionally, physically, and financially highly demanding. Owners of an impressive fine art collection have to face a serious challenge once the relocation becomes inevitable. Bearing in mind the sentimental and monetary value of the works of art in your possession, opting for a do-it-yourself move is an unreasonable and a very risky decision. You need genuine professionals who guarantee a smooth, trouble and stress-free relocation of your precious pieces and thus provide you with so much needed peace of mind. Here is a further explanation of why it is necessary to hire fine art movers for this endeavor.

Expert teams handle fine-art with the utmost care

As a passionate art collector, you must be aware of the fact that each and every work of art is unique and, thus, requires unique handling. Hiring movers who are not experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle your valuable art collection may have severe consequences. To be able to respond to this task properly and orchestrate and conduct the relocation successfully, movers have to be well-trained to handle artwork through each one of the relocation stages. Competent expert teams know how to apply proper packing techniques to provide your items with the utmost safety. They know how to install and deinstall fine art pieces, which is also critical in this process. Hence, only these expert teams can offer the impeccable service of moving your fine-art collection with success.

Proper packing is essential

Protecting your art collection is important at all times and the process of relocation is no exception. By using proper packing techniques and premium quality, non-abrasive packing materials, fine art movers reduce the chances of potential damage to a minimum. If necessary, they are trained to apply custom crating to make your art pieces perfectly safe while in transit. Designing and building these custom crates is one of the challenges regular furniture movers are not able to meet. Should any damage happen to your art collection, it might be considerably more expensive than hiring these specialized professionals for the job. Hence, investing in professional services is an intelligent choice. 

Expertise and accountability during fine art transportation

Whether you are moving your art collection a block or thousands of miles away, it is vital to manage all the risks while your artwork is in transit. Hiring fine art movers is a good strategy to achieve this because these experienced and skilled professionals are well-acquainted with a wide range of practices in accordance with the intrinsic nature of artwork. They are obliged to follow strict procedures and document every step of the moving process for quality assurance purposes. When necessary, they use elevating cranes for heavy and awkwardly-shaped pieces or even obtain a special license to block a street while the installation of an art piece at a final destination is in progress. Understandably, this is something unachievable for ordinary furniture movers. 

Furthermore, fine art movers transport your art collection in climate-controlled trucks and are ready for every contingency.  Concerning the value of your collection, this is certainly a cost-effective solution given the circumstances.

Proper insurance against damage and theft

Proper insurance and taking precaution measures against damage and theft are of key importance while the relocation of your art collection is in progress. If you hire fine art movers, you are presented with numerous options and a great variety of additional coverage that guarantees maximal protection to your valuable possessions. Reputable companies of fine art movers also offer moving trucks with GPS capability and a proper alarm system. The personnel involved in the process is always subject to a thorough background check that will witness their credibility and capability to conduct this task. In the case when you relocate art pieces of considerable value and importance, fine art movers organize police escort and armed guards for the utmost safety of your belongings. To be precise, they tailor the whole process to suit your needs, requirements, and financial means at your disposal.

Premium storage services

Finding the highest-quality fine-art storage facilities is a very challenging errand since you cannot entrust your valuable collection to anyone without carefully analyzing all the options available. Fine art is very delicate, sensitive to temperature changes, humidity, dirt, and pests, so you need a facility that provides satisfying conditions that will not cause any unwelcome changes and eventually diminish the aesthetic or monetary value of your art pieces. If you opt for hiring fine art movers, you choose expertise over amateurism. They are familiar with all the conditions a top-quality storage unit has to meet to become the choice of distrustful collectors who only want the best for their collections. 

The safe and carefully planned installation

Installation of your fine art collection, once it arrives at the final destination, is much more than simple unpacking and randomly choosing a place for each piece. Fine art movers are trained to analyze the interior in detail and then provide you with a wide range of art installation options given the circumstances. They find the best places to hang your beautiful paintings or to install massive and heavy sculptures.

 Fine art movers also identify the need to use special equipment for these tasks. They can detect the type of hardware necessary, for example, to keep your paintings safely in place according to their weight.  Prior to commencing the whole process, these professionals visit the final destination to be able to make a thorough plan. Since fragile, delicate, and highly valuable pieces are in question, having professional assistance is the warranty you need to relax and be sure the move will be completed utterly to your satisfaction.

Final words on the reasons to hire fine art movers

All factors considered, it is clearly evident that entrusting amateurs with relocating your fine-art collection is an unreasonable and unwise decision which might result in irreparable loss. Conduct a thorough search, explore reviews, ask for references to find the most reputable fine art movers you can trust with this complex task. Only this approach can guarantee the successful completion of this endeavor and the safe arrival of your precious pieces to their final destination in a timely manner.

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