In the wake of Notre Dame: Protecting our Cultural Treasures

The fire that has destroyed Notre Dame is not the first incident to affect a site of great cultural and historical value. Unfortunately, it will not be the last. Just last year, we saw a fire destroy up to 90% of the precious artifacts and other items housed in the National Museum of Brazil. Our cultural institutions are under threat from a variety of risks both natural and manmade. What can we do to better protect our cultural treasures?

Works of art in buildings such as the Notre Dame cathedral are generally not insured because they are often priceless. Any artworks on loan from third parties would, however, be insured. While some of the large paintings at Notre-Dame could not be taken down in time, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said at the scene of the fire that a number of the many artworks in the cathedral had been rescued and were being put in safe storage.

Heritage sites, cultural institutions, independent galleries, collectors, and artists are uniquely vulnerable and often underprepared. Many cultural institutions have few resources or time to invest in preparedness and emergency response programs. While no amount of money in insurance payouts will bring back a lost stained-glass window or other masterpieces, not having insurance or not enough insurance is an even greater threat to works of art. For this reason, We at / Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. are raising awareness to the owners of cultural items such as fine-art and collectibles on just how important having the proper coverage is.

A valuable tool to have is a knowledgeable fine-art and collectibles insurance broker to guide you in the process of managing your risk. Insuring art requires an experienced broker that knows how to navigate the often-confusing details of high-value insurance. At / Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. we know art, and what it takes to insure it properly so you don’t have to. We are your resource and can answer any questions you may have regarding the protection of art and items of cultural significance.

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