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Here’s an opinion on art from a 25-year-old

What is Art? The word “Art” originated from “to arrange.” Any human that arranges things that already exist in a new or different form. Art is a means by which individuals can express their technical and creative skills to communicate with the world. It’s not just painting, music, writing, or performances. It has no boundaries and is much broader than any of us can imagine. Everything from knitting a sweater to cooking to sculpting to technology can be termed as art. Every person has a different skill through which they convey their emotions to the world in their own unique way. It’s not always beautiful and can be ugly, but what makes it significant is its impact on someone.

The product of one’s artistic creation is called artwork. A representation of reality from an individual perspective is what makes it so beautiful and stands out to the world, touching several lives. For example, Monalisa by Leonardo DaVinci, The David by Michael Angelo, Taj Mahal by Shah Jahan, Islamic calligraphy, European architecture, music and dance forms from different cultures, cuisines across the world, performances by people and many more are all a piece of wonder and considered art.

Its authentic nature calls for us to guard these precious creations. Some are preserved in museums, and some die with humans; the others need to be insured. These artworks are worth a lot and vulnerable to theft or damage. People have dedicated their whole fortune towards the collection of these artworks, and it might even be their business. That’s where insurance comes in. The right insurance can protect oneself from these dangers and insure the losses if any.  Its value might appreciate over time and insurance gives you that reassurance and peace of mind to let you continue collecting art.